How it works

The technology provides a disruptive solution to ticketing ensuring validity, traceability and ownership.

Ticketing and NFTs are based on financial transactions that need to have trust and security embedded in their development.

ComeTogether provides peace of mind for your customer experience.

What is an NFT?

Provide digital ownership of assets. Created through the blockchain, they are similar to a cryptocurrency.

For collectors, an NFT is a digital representation of collectibles that entails uniqueness or digital scarcity.

A football trading card is a great example to consider. The owner of the NFT would not possess the physical card. Their token represents their ownership (or partial ownership) of the item and entitles them to sell and profit from this card.


Primary and secondary

ComeTogether Ticket Marketplace

(view, set for sale, transfer)

ComeTogether Ticket Wallet

Creator’s dashboard
(set NFT offerings, price, resale rules, check analytics)


Scanner App


White label functionality provides an NFT ticketing solution that carries your brand. Always have your identity first when users are purchasing and using tickets! 

If you’re worried about the complexities associated with implementing a blockchain solution, ComeTogether’s white-label products eliminate these concerns.  There’s no need to have your own blockchain infrastructure or blockchain software developers. As NFT ticketing experts, we bring years of experience, hundreds of events supported and thousands of tickets sold as a basis to support your needs.

We understand there are different levels of needs when it comes to white-label functionality and offer two levels to choose from.

Festivals, sports clubs, theaters and museums who want to sell their own tickets from their website.

Implementation requirements: This plug-and-play solution is enabled by a simple script (one line of code) that is provided by ComeTogether to be added to your website.

Time to market: As fast as you can add the code to your website!

Pricing model: No setup or licensing fees. The cost is the same as ComeTogether’s standard per ticket sold fee.

For ticketing companies or large event organizers who would like to become a ticket marketplace for their own tickets and tickets from other organizations.

Implementation requirements: Integration of the end-to-end ComeTogether functionality (primary and secondary ticket marketplace, wallet, organizer’s dashboard and scanner app) in your operating domain, under your own branding. ComeTogether will also set up a database for your private data on a local server. This information is only accessible to you. Additionally, revenue earned from ticket sales goes directly to your account.

Time to market: Be live and selling in less than one month.

Pricing model: One-time setup fee, plus an annual licensing fee and a per-ticket sold fee based on the number of tickets sold. The Pro solution receives a significantly lower per ticket charge than the standard fee.

If your white label ticketing needs fall outside the two standard packages we are happy to explore a custom solution for you.

White label functionality is a great tool to always keep your brand in front of target customers while leveraging the technology and infrastructure built by experts in the field of NFT ticketing. Let ComeTogether do the heavy lifting for you!


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