Nando: Deep Adaptation, Impermanence, and Facing Death with Equanimity.

Fernando Garcia Ferreiro — “Nando” — left a world-class job to become a seeker after truth, or what he calls an “experienced beginner.” In the face of collapse, Nando is remaking himself in a new life, closer to the Earth.

Nando worked for 33 years for the European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union. When he retired in 2018, he was the Director of Health and Well-Being, responsible for 45,000 people. Now, among other things, he facilitates Deep Relating sessions as a guide for the Deep Adaptation Forum.

Nando’s native language is Spanish, but he is erudite in English and French. He peppers his conversation with references to the influential figures of Collapsology, Transition Towns, The Work That Reconnects, and other important branches of the “collapse-aware” community. Here are links to the people and titles Nando refers to in our conversation:

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