Melissa Allison: Love and joy, and the courage required to find them.

When Melissa Allison heard about collapse, she changed her life. She went looking for love and joy, and found them!

She gave up her job, her marriage, and her hometown of Seattle. She moved to Canada, then to Hawaii. It was hard in the beginning, she says, but it got easier, as every decision led to greater freedom and happiness. Today, she is with the love of her life, expanding her heart and soul in ever-increasing peace and joy.

I met Melissa in Seattle when we both were getting involved with Deep Adaptation. For Melissa, Deep Adaptation has been a doorway to other destinations, rather than a destination in itself. Nevertheless, she credits Jem Bendell with inspiring the “freakout breakdown” that led her to make profound changes.

“It took more courage than I realized it was going to take,” she says. “Without the awareness of collapse, and what that means to me, I wouldn’t have tried.”

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  1. You DO ask the best queations David. Thank you for this beautifully framed vignette into Mellisa Allison’s extraordinary choices and life

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