Jonathan Logan: “Small things done by mass people” – A view from Extinction Rebellion.

Jonathan Wood Logan (or “J-Lo,” to his friends) has devoted himself to Extinction Rebellion America full time for the past 20 months.

He presents the group’s signature “Heading for Extinction” briefing, which introduces prospective members to the dire situation of the world. That’s the beginning of a process of “education, inspiration, and organization” which J-Lo hopes will mobilize masses of people to fight for the transformation of our politics and culture.

“We need to use the existing systems to transfer into a better kind of culture,” he says. “Capitalism is designed to chew up everything in its path. … The problem with that is you can’t have infinite growth in a closed system.”

For capitalism to work, J-Lo says, we must “put a saddle on its back, a bridle in its mouth, a carrot in front of it, and a whip behind it to force that engine of creativity and productivity into making the world we want, not the world we ended up with.”

J-Lo sees Extinction Rebellion (“XR”) as a channel for the energy of people who have lost “a predictable world.”

“The event horizon of predictability has collapsed to right now,” he says. “And now it’s behind us! … We can’t see the future coming.” The “mythologies of our culture” that provided identity, security, and morality have been “blown out in a confetti gun. … We’re past the end of history … and it’s disorienting.”

Only by mobilizing millions of people in non-violent civil disobedience can we muster the power to transform our current system.

“Small things done by mass people is the answer” J-Lo says. “Small things done by mass people, and having a commitment.”

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