Igor Polskiy: Biocentric paradigm shift, compassionate action, and post-crisis hope.

Igor Polskiy is the new Facilitation Coordinator for the Deep Adaptation Forum. He sees opportunity in crisis. The collapse of the “machine” that is our industrial civilization may create open spaces in which we can find better ways to live.

Igor spent several years in eco-villages before coming to Deep Adaptation. He saw people living together in peace with each other and with the natural world. Now, his mission is to bring together the “inner work” of processing emotions with the outer work of “compassionate action.” He has written in depth about inner and external work as “Two Wheels of a Chariot,” on the Deep Adaptation Forum blog.

Igor wants to integrate the “symbolic work” that we do together on the Internet with work at the biological and physical level. To that end, he and others are organizing the “Deep Live Gathering.” In October, 2021, people will gather physically in various regions of the world, and the regional gatherings will be connected, intermittently, over the Internet.

Igor says: “We should find a way to build a bridge to connect people together, because we need each other, and we need to support each other. But we need to change our mindset. It’s like two steps every time: inner work, external work; calm ourselves, process emotions…and compassionate action. They should go in circles.”

See more of Igor’s work at his website On The Edge, including an elucidation of “post-crisis hope,” the idea that, like certain seeds in the forest, we must pass through fire in order to become fertile. He joins us from his family’s home, near Moscow, Russia.

4 Replies to “Igor Polskiy: Biocentric paradigm shift, compassionate action, and post-crisis hope.”

  1. So beautifullyb expressed thank you Igor. All I would add is that life on earth is not about us in the first place. If the biosphere somehow manages to adapt, which would for sure be easier without the machine that is grinding to a halt, then life in some format goes on. Perhaps that is the best we can hope for?
    I am more in a place where I want to celebrate the collapse of the machine, despite the personal cost.
    Ito guilt and addictions … there is rational and irrational guilt. I think some rational guilt about for example over-exploitation in your own lifestyle, is constructive. I need to go there to enable myself to change. It’s not bad per se. Can be mobilizing if I do it with compassion. Can facilitate the deep shift that I need. Thank you for reminding me again of that. I am very interested in the topic of addictions and the role they play in the collapse. I think the ‘machine’ may have used this ultimately as most effective fuel and we need see this and our personal role also.

  2. Thank you so much Igor and David. Like Kimberley, l am so grateful for the elegant way this conversation has given us all a new way to articulate what we already knew, but didn’t have words for. I totally love Igor’s take on our predicament, and am so happy to be part of this beautiful family of DA.

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