Emotional Support

You are not alone! People all over the world are coping with feelings of grief, despair, anger, and loneliness because of the climate crisis.

If you feel like you’re in emotional trouble right now, reach out to someone you know, or call a crisis line in your country.

When you have time, explore the online communities of people who are “collapse-aware.” You can find companions who understand what you’re going through. It makes all the difference!

List of Suicide Crisis Lines
If you feel like you’re going to harm yourself, please reach out to someone right away. Wikipedia provides a list of hotline numbers from around the world. Find your country and call the number listed.
“Everything is Awful and I’m Not Okay”
Fourteen things you can do right now to help yourself feel better. It’s a PDF file, from Dr. Aimee Maxwell, in Australia.
Deep Adaptation Facebook Group
You must answer a couple of questions and wait a few hours to join the group, but once you’re in it’s a great community. There’s a lot of philosophizing and spiritual discussions, which, if you’re into that, can be very comforting.
Collapse Support on Reddit
This “sub-reddit” is an online community of people who support each other in dealing with difficult feelings about collapse. You can post a message and expect a friendly reply.
Climate Psychology Alliance
This site is less about immediate help, and more about information. There are things to read, and podcasts, and a few live events on Zoom. It’s based in the U.K., but is useful to all English speakers.

Photo by Hudson Hintze via Unsplash.