André Clements: News & Comment – Unrest in South Africa.

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Why has South Africa been riven by a week of riots, looting, and arson? The spark was the arrest of former President Jacob Zuma in relation to a corruption investigation. But hunger, poverty, hopelessness, and a brutal lockdown to control COVID-19 provided fuel for the fire.

André Clements joins us from his home in Johannesburg, South Africa, to discuss the experience of living in a place where the social order is breaking down. André and his family are safe, so far, but they may face shortages of fuel and food if supply lines are not reestablished in the coming days.

André discusses the mutual-aid networks that have sprung up in response to the disaster. People helping each other in hard times is what gives him encouragement in the face of collapse.

André is a visual artist, and is involved in Extinction Rebellion.

» Durban food riots turn the wheel of history; New Frame; July 12, 2021