Ask Dr. Aimee: Sleep and the Body (Audio)

This interview with Dr. Aimee Maxwell was recorded February 4, 2020, which  seems like another era, before the coronavirus had risen to absorb the attention of the entire world.

I went to Aimee for advice about how I could sleep better, because anxiety about climate change (how quaint!) was keeping me awake at night. I asked Aimee: “What are people supposed to do if they stop sleeping, because of impending doom?”

She surprised me by advising that, before dealing with my racing thoughts, I should help my body remember that it is a product of primate evolution. To sleep well, I must restore my body’s harmony with the natural rhythms of the day.

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  1. Thank you. I believe I understand a little better how this might also be one example of offering a DA practice. Trying to grow in understanding ‘kind and wise action.’

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