Alexandra Wilson – Part 1: Death, Oppression, and the End of Days.

Alexandra Wilson of North Wales, U.K., is an “End-of-Life doula;” that is, she accompanies people who are dying. She has a background in youth work, social policy and human rights. She says that the denial of death in our culture is responsible for the global sickness that threatens our very existence.

Alexandra sent to me, and to the Positive Deep Adaptation Facebook group, an extraordinary message, weaving together themes of death, oppression, spiritual consciousness, grief and trauma, liberation, and the end of alienation (between peoples, and between humans and the earth). You can read that paper here.

In our interview, it became clear we were going “off the map,” to the places labeled “Here be dragons!” As it turns out, the flag of Wales is … a dragon! I said I would look it up, and you can see it above (on the blog). Alexandra says: “I’m very protective of the dragons, and they are of me.”

ADVISORY: If you are triggered by talk about death, be advised that Alexandra’s approach, though thoroughly compassionate, is unusually direct.

Part 2 of this interview is here.

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