Alexandra Grace Derwen: Conversation with the Virus.

Alexandra Grace Derwen (aka Alexandra Wilson) was on pilgrimage in Spain when the coronavirus pandemic broke out. She recounts on her Facebook page her harrowing journey out of Spain back to the U.K. – a journey on buses and trains, where she caught the coronavirus disease.

She was then seriously ill for 5 days, during which, she says, “I felt it was a distinct possibility that I was going to die.”

In her professional life, Alexandra is a “death doula” helping people prepare for death, and helping those left behind, to grieve. She is also a prophetess and a seer. You can read her thoughts about death in western culture in this remarkable paper, and you can listen to her two previous interviews with me (Part 1, Part 2).

Her encounter with the coronavirus yielded insights, which she is only beginning to be able to articulate:

“In the unseen realms, the way is becoming clearer. … We have not attended, for several centuries, to the unseen space, the in-between space – the Bardo, as the Buddhists call it – and that has been toxically plugged for a long time. It felt to me that many new doors and windows were opening. There was a lot more space in the unseen realms. A great lightness came upon me; an almost ‘amniotic’ feeling of floating, and a sense of enormous potential.”

Listen to her report of her conversation with the virus.

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  1. The enormous potential and great light coming into the unseen realms of our world now could be the New Message from God, and the New Messenger for our time, who has also made the Briefings from the Allies of Humanity available to us free online at a time of unprecedented change and great consequence for the future of our civilisation. Without them we would be ill-equipped to face the darkness many can observe descending right now, and that we must resist in order to emerge as a sovereign race during this natural evolution of our world.

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