David Baum, in Seattle.

Come Together with David Baum brings you joyful conversation about climate change, the collapse of civilization, and the end of the world. I reach out to smart, sensitive people who have unique views of our current global disaster. Surprisingly, the climate emergency can be a source of motivation and joy, driving us to connect with our selves, with other people, and with the divine.

This podcast is an outgrowth of my connection with Deep Adaptation, the philosophical method created by Professor Jem Bendell. Though I talk a lot about Deep Adaptation, this podcast is not officially associated with Jem or the Deep Adaptation Forum, and in no way represents their views. That said, I encourage you to visit the Positive Deep Adaptation Facebook group and the Deep Adaptation Forum.

If you’d like to discuss what you hear in these interviews with me and other listeners,  please join the Come Together Conversation Group, on Facebook.

–David B. ⭐️

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About the logo

My logo is a derivation of the Hindu icon Nataraja, which depicts the god Shiva dancing the creation and destruction of the world. The address of the site comes from the lyric “Come together, right now, over me.”