No income, no peace.

Working people in Europe are ignoring lockdown orders because they fear starving in their homes. Government plans have proven so inept or misguided that people no longer believe that following instructions will save them.

“Across the continent, there is similar evidence of people facing dire economic hardship and psychological exhaustion. Earlier this month, a study from the World Health Organization reported widespread apathy and reduced motivation to follow public health guidance. The emotional toll of Covid-19 has been compounded by a growing scepticism in the capacity of governments to truly get on top of a crisis that is destroying people’s livelihoods as well as threatening their health.”

We will have the same reaction here in the U.S. as the winter sets in, but worse! Our national government has no plan, and is actively interfering in science-based efforts to control the pandemic. Biden’s promised task force may issue decent advice, but it has no resources to deploy and no power to compel compliance. It will be a tough winter.

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  1. Thanks for this post, David. I worry very much about what will happen in the US over the next 75 days regarding the pandemic. However, I think national governments across the world need to take strong and bold action to defeat COVID-19. China seems to have done so, so I think it’s possible. Whether people in this country will allow the feds to “tell them what to do” is an open question.

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