Autocrats hate women’s freedom, want religious power to dominate public life.

Autocrats the world over are joining together to outlaw abortion.

The Trump administration signed an anti-abortion declaration with 32 authoritarian governments on October 22. The Republicans are coming more and more to resemble autocratic parties in other countries.

In Poland, the “Law and Justice” party engineered a high-court decision to outlaw abortion in the case of fetal abnormalities, capping a long campaign to subordinate women’s rights to the Catholic Church. In response, women led a nation-wide strike.

The battle is now joined in a way familiar from the Black Lives Matter uprisings in the U.S. The right-wing leader called his followers to “defend the nation” from “criminals” who would “destroy Poland.” Violent militias have attacked protesters. The protesters are not giving up.

The tumult in Poland is a preview of what will happen in the U.S. if the Republicans outlaw abortion. A protester said: “Now it’s not really just about abortion, it’s a protest about the loss of humanity.”

Photo credit: Jacub Zabinski; Wikimedia Commons. ‘Pro-abortion protest in Warsaw, Poland on 24 October 2020.’

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